Getting the Most Out of Bon Ami!

Tranquil Home prides itself on the commitment of our Referred Housekeepers to using only eco friendly cleaning products. And the only way to get the most out of your cleaning products is to know how to use them and on what surfaces you can use them on, otherwise, you’re going to do just as much damage to your home as you would filling it with the stench of toxic chemicals.

One of the best products out there right now is Bon Ami. You’ve seen the can on the shelves I’m sure, the powder cleanser with a little yellow chick on the label. This is by far the best alternative to the popular Comet cleaning powder. Created by Nancy Beaham over 120 years ago, Bon Ami is now made out of Feldspar, Limestone, Soda Ash a touch of baking soda to absorb odors and renewable corn and coconut oils. The can itself is made out of recyclable materials and can be recycled again.

Isn’t it nice to be able to pronounce and recognize the ingredients in a cleaning product? This product is so handy that you can use it in almost any room of your home. If your stove/oven is the problem, sprinkle some Bon Ami on the greasy spots and spray a little vinegar on it as well. This will make a paste that will help you scrub off all that gunk without scratching that expensive kitchen appliance. For the bathroom, using this paste in the tub will take off all the filth that accumulates on the inside walls of the tub. Bon Ami is so versatile that it even helps remove make ups stains and remove recent soap scum from shower glass doors. Have old toothpaste or make up stains in your sink? Yep! Bon Ami gets that out too.

But, just because Bon Ami acts almost like an all purpose cleaner, doesn’t mean there aren’t any drawbacks. Bon Ami will leave a powdery residue if not rinsed thoroughly. It’s irritating to see your bathroom shine and then feel a light powder under your fingertips as you run your hand across the counter. Make sure to rinse off the powder a couple of times, below is a tip from the makers of Bon Ami:

Energy Conservation Tip: Use water at ambient, rather than hot temperature for rinsing Bon Ami Powder Cleanser from the cleaning surface.

The reason for this is because hot water will only separate the powder more, creating more powder residue to rinse off.

Bon Ami is such a great tool to have, it’s made of simple, pronounceable ingredients, it’s non-abrasive and is capable of removing stains and grease from your surfaces. So throw out that toxic Comet and enjoy the power of the Chick!

Bon AmiHappy Scrubbing!