Read on to find out why Tranquil Home is the preferred choice of San Diego residents who have experienced our exceptional cleaning services.

Impressive! I just had my whole family come to town for a visit. I was a bit frantic about ensuring my house was clean-I have 3 dogs, so it can be messy to say the least! After explaining my needs to Erin, she set up and had a sweet girl (so sorry I forget her name) come that weekend. Not only was my house clean, but it smelled AMAZING! It smelled clean, not like chemicals. I just booked my next appointment! Thank you Tranquil Home!

Erika M.
San Diego, CA

Wow. Just wow. There are no words for how impressed I am. I was a little skeptical at first because their yelp reviews seemed almost too good to be true, but they have earned every star and then some. Andrea arrived 10 minutes early and was very friendly and attentive to my priorities. Although I was only charged for 4 hours (first-time cleaning) Andrea busted ass from 11:30 to 5, and Lillia also came to assist. Every possible surface is shiny--even my kitchen appliances (rice cooker, coffee machine, etc.)! My kitchen sink was yellowing before but now it's white! My bathrooms are immaculate. I would never have been able to do as deep of a clean on my own. Lillia did a thorough walk through with me before leaving to make sure I was happy with the results. The quality of service is worth every dollar.

Tanya H.
San Diego, CA

It's official!! I found a cleaning company that is what they say they are. I've hired "green" cleaning companies before, but I always end up seeing them use toxic chemicals. The cleaner that showed up to do my move out clean showed me all their products and I was very pleased. Plus, they were on time and even did my ceiling fans that I asked them to do last minute. My property manager did a walk through with me while the cleaner was there and she was very pleased with the results! I was sorry to be moving away from San Diego, but I'm happy that my daughter is able to benefit from their work. If you want a cleaning company that is truly green and takes care of their customers, call Tranquil Home.

Audrey P.
El Cajon, CA