Vacation Rental Cleaning

Tranquil Home helps San Diego homeowners and San Diego property management companies with their vacation rental cleanings. We understand the importance of making sure each vacation rental is in top-notch condition and communicating when items like towels or sheets need to be replaced. Our employees will pay great attention to every detail of your cleaning to ensure your guests are 100% satisfied with their stay.  We offer full deep cleanings on each vacation rental cleaning to make ensure the unit is fresh and ready for your guests. 

In order to make sure your vacation rental cleaning goes smoothly we recommend filling out our short questionnaire here.

Information that will help us with your vacation rental cleaning will additionally include:

  1. When your check-in and check-out times are.
  2. Where the washer and dryer are located and back up linens.
  3. Specific entry instructions to the home.
  4. Any extra areas that might need to be cleaned like BBQs or Spas.
  5. Contact information for the person in charge of emergencies on the day of cleanings. 

For each vacation rental, we clean we provide a shared google doc where we track each cleaning appointment. This document in addition to our appointment reminders will keep you on track so you know when we will be arriving. 

Please see the following list of the deep cleaning items for all areas that will be cleaned. In addition to the deep cleaning list, we also make sure all food and drinks leftover from previous guests have been thrown away, and all linens and towels that will be cleaned are replaced. Tranquil Home does not offer offsite laundry services.