New Construction House Cleaning

New Construction House Cleaning Services in San Diego, CA

At Tranquil Home, we understand the journey from blueprint to reality is a remarkable feat. Our post-construction cleaning services are designed to take your newly built home from a construction site to a fresh, flawless space. With a deep appreciation for new beginnings, our dedicated team tends to every corner of your completed construction project, ensuring your new space meets your vision and exceeds your expectations.

Because every new construction is unique, so too are our cleaning solutions. We tailor our standard and deep cleaning services to suit your home’s specifics, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Our flexible approach guarantees that your cleaning needs are met with precision, providing a clean canvas to personalize.

New construction house cleaning

The final stage of construction is a critical step, and our detail-oriented approach ensures your space emerges from the construction process not only clean but ready to shine.

Our post-construction cleaning service ensures San Diego area homes are in optimal condition from top to bottom, with a passion for cleanliness and careful attention to detail that covers the following tasks.

Dust and Debris Removal

Construction activities inevitably leave behind dust, dirt, and debris. Our specialized team employs advanced techniques to thoroughly clean all surfaces, from floors to ceilings, eliminating even the smallest particles that can compromise the pristine atmosphere of your new space.

Windows and Glass

Our post-construction cleanup includes window cleaning, glass doors, and other glass surfaces, removing paint splatters, adhesive residue, and any other marks, and ensuring your views are clear and unobstructed.

Flooring Revival

From hardwood to tile and carpet, our experts give special attention to your flooring, vacuuming, mopping, and polishing as needed to complement your newly built surroundings and ensure there's no debris left behind.

Fixture and Appliance Cleaning

Light fixtures, switches, outlets, and appliances often endure marks and dust buildup from construction work. Our professional cleaners ensure these details are impeccably cleaned and polished, giving your space an inviting finish.

Interior Detailing

Crown molding, baseboards, and architectural features contribute to the overall aesthetics of your space, and our technicians pay meticulous attention to such details, leaving them flawless and ready to make a lasting impression.

Bathroom and Kitchen Excellence

We understand the importance of thorough cleaning in high-traffic areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Our great service extends to every nook and cranny, leaving these spaces fresh, sanitized, and ready for use.

Experience Exceptional New Construction Cleaning for Your Property

San Diego locals choose our standard and deep cleaning services time and again for a multitude of reasons, drawn by the consistent quality, attention to detail, and the peace of mind that comes from a home that truly sparkles. Continue reading to learn why we're the best choice for new construction house cleaning in the San Diego area.

  • Prompt Arrival

    We arrive punctually at the new home with all the necessary equipment to ensure efficient and effective cleaning.
  • No Inexperienced Workers

    You can trust that our team is well-prepared and experienced, eliminating worries about inexperienced workers.
  • Timely Completion

    Recognizing the urgency of these projects, we work to meet your timeline, preparing the house for move-in promptly.
  • Top-Tier Services

    Our construction cleaning services are unparalleled, ensuring the home meets the highest standards of cleanliness.
  • Experienced Professionals

    Our new construction house cleaning experts near San Diego, CA, bring extensive experience to handle such projects.

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Whether moving out and preparing your space for future tenants or cleaning up and getting organized in a new home, our friendly cleaners do an amazing job cleaning and simplifying your San Diego move. To get started with superior house cleaning services in San Diego, contact Tranquil Home today for a free quote.